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Do you need heavy duty equipment to transport materials in your shipping/logistics applications, mines, harbors, lumber yards or other material handling environments? Look no further than Liteng and our complete line of equipment designed to make your logistics operations even easier.

Material handling in an array of locations, from harbors to lumber yards and mines requires the use of high quality, reliable and heavy duty equipment. Here at Xiamen Liteng Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., we have dedicated ourselves to fulfilling that requirement for customers all over the world.

3000kg Wheel Loader

LITENG's LT932 3000kg wheel loader is a short wheel based, heightened dumping height machine designed using ZL30 international standards. The wheel loader is equipped with a DEUTZ supercharged diesel engine in order to achieve a high power and a high torque backup.

LT953 5000kg Wheel Loader

The LITENG LT953 5000kg wheel loader is a short wheelbase, double cylinder machine with a high load and flexibility designed according to ZL50 international standards. This wheel loader is equipped with a Weichai supercharged diesel to achieve a strong power, high torque backup, high working efficiency, excellent engine cold-start performance and high reliability. Not only this, but the fuel consumption is reduced by 8 to 12%.

LT956 5000kg Wheel Loader

The 3100mm medium wheelbase features medium wheelbase between a short and long wheelbase in order to achieve a better comprehensive performance that is not only highly efficient, but allows for a large loading capacity.

LT958 5000kg Wheel Loader

This wheel loader is applicable for heavy working conditions, such as mines, aided by the comprehensive performance, stability and large diffing force. The wheelbase has been extended up to 3300mm to enhance machine stability and tipping load.

6000kg Wheel Loader

The long wheelbase on LITENG wheel loaders has improved upon both traction and stability. With an optimized power system and automatic lifter, the lifting capacity, digging force and working efficiency have all been significantly improved.

18 Ton Stone Block Handler

The LT18T 18 Ton stone block handler is a four wheel loader with a powerful traction. This forklift loader is applicable to a variety of complex working conditions due to the increased ground clearance, as well as the unique counterbalance design that allows it to easily climb awkward and large angle slopes.

23 Ton Stone Block Handler

The LT23T 23 Ton stone block handler has a compact structure and a small turning radius. It is equipped with high pressure wearable engineering tires, a high strength, heavy drive axle, and a self-developed gearbox. Combined, each of these components add to the overall working safety and reliability of the forklift loader.

28 Ton Stone Block Handler

The LT28T stone block handler is able to carry stones as large as 28,000kg. This 28 Ton stone block handler is known for its outstanding off road performance, with a turning radius of 7.25 meters, 1.22 meters between the arms, and a maximum lifting height of 3 meters.

32 Ton Stone Block Handler

The LT32T stone block handler is a four wheel drive high load loader for loading and uploading stone. The block handler has a powerful traction, making it applicable for a variety of complex working conditions.

40 Ton Stone Block Handler

Equipped with a professional air conditioner, a single handle pilot control system and an electronic control gearbox, operation convenience is guaranteed. The stability of the entire stone block handler is improved due to the use of a separate drive oil and hydraulic oil cooling system.

When it comes to the handling and transportation of large containers, a crane or forklift is one of the most common tools needed to handle containers. Unloading processes are also hampered by limited unloading space, unloading time, unloading sites and difficult management of human and material resources. This all leads to a reduction in logistical circulation efficiency, and increases both construction and management costs.

Our modernized, highly efficient machine workshop occupies an area of 35,000 square meters and features outstanding technological strength and a fully integrated manufacturing facility system.

All aspects of the wheel loader manufacturing process are customized in regards to the bucket size, lifting height, machine size and other relevant machinery parts (such as the selection of engines and gearboxes).