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Construction equipment must provide strength and reliability to get the job done right. Therefore, here at Liteng Engineering Machinery, we provide customers with an extensive range of heavy equipment designed to meet all of your construction needs with outstanding strength and reliable performance. We produce wheel loaders, excavators, backhoe loaders, telehandlers, and other related equipment. Some of our product models are listed below and if you do not find anything that fits your requirements, we can customize equipment according to your needs.

    1. 3000Kg Wheel Loader
    2. 3000Kg Wheel Loader LITENG's LT932 3000kg wheel loader is a short wheel based, heightened dumping height machine designed using ZL30 international standards. The wheel loader is equipped with a DEUTZ supercharged diesel engine in order to achieve a high power and a high torque backup.
    1. LT953 5000kg Wheel Loader
    2. LT953 5000kg Wheel Loader This wheel loader is equipped with a Weichai supercharged diesel to achieve a strong power, high torque backup, high working efficiency, excellent engine cold-start performance and high reliability. Not only this, but the fuel consumption is reduced by 8 to 12%.
    1. LT956 5000kg Wheel Loader
    2. LT956 5000kg Wheel Loader LITENG's LT956 5000kg wheel loader is a medium wheelbase and single swing arm machine that features a small turning radius, high working efficiency and flexibility designed according to international ZL 50F standards.
    1. LT958 5000kg Wheel Loader
    2. LT958 5000kg Wheel Loader The LITENG LT958 5000kg single cylinder long wheelbase wheel loader is designed based on ZL 50F international standards, ensuring the energy saving, reliable and comfortable performance. This wheel loader is applicable for heavy working conditions, such as mines, aided by the comprehensive performance, stability and large diffing force.
    1. 6000kg Wheel Loader
    2. 6000kg Wheel Loader The long wheelbase on LITENG wheel loaders has improved upon both traction and stability. With an optimized power system and automatic lifter, the lifting capacity, digging force and working efficiency have all been significantly improved.
    1. 18 Ton Stone Block Handler
    2. 18 Ton Stone Block Handler The LT18T 18 Ton stone block handler is a four wheel loader with a powerful traction. This forklift loader is applicable to a variety of complex working conditions due to the increased ground clearance, as well as the unique counterbalance design that allows it to easily climb awkward and large angle slopes.
    1. 23 Ton Stone Block Handler
    2. 23 Ton Stone Block Handler The LT23T 23 Ton stone block handler has a compact structure and a small turning radius. It is equipped with high pressure wearable engineering tires, a high strength, heavy drive axle, and a self-developed gearbox. Combined, each of these components add to the overall working safety and reliability of the forklift loader.
    1. 28 Ton Stone Block Handler
    2. 28 Ton Stone Block Handler The LT28T stone block handler is able to carry stones as large as 28,000kg. This 28 Ton stone block handler is known for its outstanding off road performance, with a turning radius of 7.25 meters, 1.22 meters between the arms, and a maximum lifting height of 3 meters.
    1. 32 Ton Stone Block Handler
    2. 32 Ton Stone Block Handler The LT32T stone block handler is a four wheel drive high load loader for loading and uploading stone. The block handler has a powerful traction, making it applicable for a variety of complex working conditions.
    1. 40 Ton Stone Block Handler
    2. 40 Ton Stone Block Handler Equipped with a professional air conditioner, a single handle pilot control system and an electronic control gearbox, operation convenience is guaranteed. The stability of the entire stone block handler is improved due to the use of a separate drive oil and hydraulic oil cooling system.
    1. 3000Kg Wheel Loader
    2. Shipping Container HandlerWhen it comes to the handling and transportation of large containers, a crane or forklift is one of the most common tools needed to handle containers.
    1. LT08C Crawler Excavator
    2. LT08C Crawler Excavator LT08C crawler excavator is at a very small size, of only 1877*896*1990mm. It is suitable for working at small space, for example, vegetable greenhouse soil loosing, landscape engineering for public work departments, tree planting and hole digging for orchard agricultural works, concrete road surface breaking, sand and stone material mixing, etc.
    1. LT16C Crawler Excavator
    2. LT16C Crawler Excavator LT16C mini crawler excavator applies tailless rotation design, which grants customer to do rotation works randomly, enlarges the small excavator’s application range, and makes it more efficiency to work.
    1. LT20C Crawler Excavator
    2. LT20C Crawler Excavator LT20C crawler excavator’s bucket capacity is 0.045m³, maximum speed is 3.4 km/h, we’re considerate about details of this compact excavator, the controller is designed with human engineering, comfortable for long-time handling.
    1. LT80C Crawler Excavator
    2. LT80C Crawler Excavator LT80C compact crawler excavator features great comfortability just like all of our excavators. Large driver’s cabin, wide view and comfortable air-conditioner makes it a pleasure to work with the machine for operators.
    1. LT60L Wheel Excavator
    2. LT60L Wheel Excavator LT60L wheel excavator is very flexible, would be an ideal option if you need to frequently move your devices. Maximum traction force of LT60L wheel excavator is 60KN, travel speed can be up to 27KM/h.
    1. LT80L Wheel Excavator
    2. LT80L Wheel Excavator LT80L wheel excavator weighs 7.68T, maximum bucket capacity is 0.3 cbm, with optional 3.3m boom and 3.5m boom. LT80L wheel excavator is reliable with strong frame and good durability, which saves a lot of your maintenance time.
    1. LT100L Wheel Excavator
    2. LT100L Wheel Excavator LT100L wheel excavator is optimize designed for working conditions in industries and mining, performs very well in both fluency in action and comfortability in operation. Customer can choose buckets of various widths, also can change it to breaker hammer, steel gripper, etc.
    1. LTM18C 180° Wheeled Excavator
    2. LTM18C 180° Wheeled Excavator This compact excavator is flexible, of high performance, low oil consuming, good looking and vastly applied. Suitable for vegetable greenhouse soil loosing, landscape engineering for public work departments, tree planting and hole digging for orchard agricultural works, ...
    1. LTM28L 180° Wheeled Excavator
    2. LTM28L 180° Wheeled Excavator LTM28L 180° wheeled excavator equips a 0.15M3 bucket. This construction equipment is effectively labor-saving, suitable for landscape engineering for public work departments,...
    1. Electric Crawler Excavator
    2. Electric Crawler Excavator Compared with traditional diesel engine, electric engine is energy-saving, quiet, no waste gas emission, high efficiency. Electric crawler excavator saves nearly half of operation cost compared with diesel engine crawler, and is eco-friendly. It’s able to easily start-up in low temperature and work in high altitude areas.
    1. LT30 Backhoe Loader
    2. LT30 Backhoe Loader LT30-22 backhoe loader is an earth moving equipment that combines loading and excavating together. In construction processes, soil excavating and carrying are usually needed, though many other construction equipment also does these works, the efficient is low. Backhoe loader’s excavating and loading functions can be switched by just manually turning the seat, which is high efficiency.
    1. WZ30 Backhoe Loader
    2. WZ30 Backhoe Loader WZ30-25 backhoe loader has excellent excavating performance, which helps operator transport more material in less time. WZ30-25 backhoe loader’s maximum travel speed is 28km/h, which decreases time consumed between different working fields. Large fuel tank ensures longer working time between two fuel charges, which makes it more efficiency.
    1. LT10 Telehandler
    2. LT10 Telehandler Telehandler is a kind of construction equipment that’s popular in recent architecture industry. LT10 telehandler is able to switch attachments quickly, suitable for nearly all construction situations, is the ideal handling equipment for architecture companies, factories for prefabrication, building material markets, public works, landscape engineering, stations and ports, working in the open, etc.
    1. LT30 Telehandler
    2. LT30 TelehandlerIf your works requires moving items, materials or even personnel, consider our telehandler. This heavy equipment is able to work at nearly any situations. By choosing right attachment, telehandler can satisfy all your requirements.
    1. Angle Broom Sweeper
    2. Angle Broom Sweeper The sidewalk snow maintenance vehicle (angle broom sweeper) is meant to remove loose natural accumulated snow. Brush of our snow removal vehicles are made of mixed polypropylene and steel wire, which is of high abrasion performance.
    1. Bale Clamp
    2. Bale Clamp1. Safety valve equipped, avoid item fall when oil line relieves.
      2. Aluminum alloy frame, light and energy-saving.
      3. Simple structure, high strength, light weight, easy to maintenance, etc.
    1. Cover Cold Planer
    2. Cover Cold Planer Cover cold planer is mainly applied in public works engineering, used for cutting and repairing well covers. Due to weather or traffic accidents, repairing or changing well cover is needed.
    1. Loader Cabin Structure (Fops & Rops)
    2. Loader Cabin Structure (Fops & Rops) Roll-over protective structure is meant to protect driver from roll-over damage, falling object protective structure is meant to protect driver from object falling damage, also called ROPS, FOPS, ROPS&FOPS.
    1. Loader Grapple
    2. Loader Grapple Grass grapple works along with loaders, able to grapple materials including haystacks, straws, branches, etc. Applied in meadows, pastures, livestock farms, etc. This loader grapple is able to move a considerable amount of cargoes in extremely terrible conditions, maximum grappling weight is 3T. Please contact us if you have any questions.
    1. Tree Transplanter
    2. Tree Transplanter Tree transplanter sticks excavation blade in soil, make tree and soil around surrounded by 4 excavation blades. Tree mover keeps soil around the tree whole when excavating the tree, maximally keeps from damaging tree’s root. Tree transplanter is vastly applied for excavating, moving and planting trees at soil that’s not very hard, such as sandy soil, loess, etc.
    1. Log Grab
    2. Log Grab Log grabbing machine is applied in wood factories to grab wood logs, able to grab single log or stacks of logs, also applied in ports to unload and transfer. Maximum grabbing weight of our log grabbing machine is 7T.
    1. Oil Drum Grab
    2. Oil Drum Grab Oil drum grabber is a kind of drum lifting equipment used to carry oil drums. Use our oil drum grabber to carry no matter steel bucket, or fiberboard bucket, open-top bucket or close-top bucket. Grapple of the oil drum grabber applies alloy steel material, processed with heat treatment, to make it more durable.
    1. Pallet Fork
    2. Pallet Fork Pallet fork is mainly applied in forklifts, to transfer cargos, vastly applied in logistics, warehouses, factories, etc. Length of pallet forks optional varies between 1070mm to 1780mm, we also provide customized pallet fork according to your requirement. Welcome to contact us, we can help choose the best pallet fork for you.
    1. Pick Up Broom
    2. Pick Up Broom Pick up broom is a budget device that combines aggregating and sweeping together, and makes them simple and efficiency. This hydraulic drive sweeper can be attached to loader, skid steer loader, tractor and so on, to sweep road, stocking ground, parking lot, warehouse, ports, etc.
    1. Quick Attach Bucket
    2. Quick Attach Bucket The quick attach bucket is usually attached to stone fork loaders, transfer rocks and wastes at mining works. By inserting two forks through two holes under the bucket, forks and buckets can be quickly changed, which helps save time and labor in bucket changing.
    1. Rock Bucket
    2. Rock Bucket Rock bucket is mainly applied for excavating and carrying hard materials such as rocks and iron blocks. Hard materials delivers more abrasion to devices, to protect rock bucket from being out of shape, we’ve reinforced sides and middle of the bucket teeth. Middle reinforced by thickened steel plate, locked with screws, which is also convenient to change bucket teeth.
    1. Snow blade
    2. Snow blade Snow blade is mainly attached to trucks and loaders, used for removing piled snow on the streets. Snow blade applies hydraulic controlling for direction turning, turning angle ±30°, which is convenient to change snow removal direction. Please add stop block (taking back bucket, turning bucket) according to situation of your attached machine.
    1. Snow Blower
    2. Snow Blower Snow blower is suitable to be attached to trucks, tractors and loaders, to remove piled snow on roads, sidewalks, parking lots, etc. Snow blower is an ideal device to remove snow for city streets. Snow blower can maximally blow snow 15m away, and is able to blow snow to a needed distance. Snow blowing direction can be turned in 360 degrees, convenient to work at kinds of situations.
    1. Pipe Grab
    2. Pipe Grab Pipe grabber is a transformed device that’s modified and upgraded from loader, which is efficiency, of high adaptability and vastly applied, does steel pipe carrying works in tree farms, stations, docks, ports, oil fields, etc.
    1. Vibratory Ice Breaker
    2. Vibratory Ice Breaker Vibratory ice breaker is mainly used to remove ice on thick piled snow, ice surface, mixed snow and ice. Our vibratory ice breaker applies physical principles to break ice instead of mechanic gravity ice-breaking, does no damage on road surface.
    1. 4 In 1 Excavator Bucket
    2. 4 In 1 Excavator Bucket The 4 in 1 excavator bucket is suitable for small excavators, it’s an earth moving equipment that’s functional in loading, bulldozing, flatting and grabbing, features simple structure, flexible operation, stable performance, etc.
    1. Breaker Hammer
    2. Breaker Hammer This breaker hammer is machine loaded hydraulic hammer, achieves its function by excavator system’s power. Breaker hammer is able to quickly and effectively remove floating rocks and dirt inside rock gaps when excavating for architecture works.
    1. Earth Auger
    2. Earth Auger Earth auger can be attached on loaders and excavators, suitable for working including landscape engineering, telegraph pole hole drilling, tree planting hole drilling, etc. We provide earth augers of various diameters, lengths and types. Welcome to contact us if you need.
    1. Excavator Grab
    2. Excavator Grab Excavator grab is vastly applied, suitable for multiple works including wood, sugarcane and pipe carrying. Maximum grapple opening is 770mm, minimum grabbing diameter is 290mm, able to adjust grabbing angle, suitable for carrying logs of different diameters.
    1. Excavator Quick Coupler
    2. Excavator Quick Coupler Excavator quick coupler is able to quickly set up and switch to various attachments, such as bucket, scarifier, breaker hammer, hydraulic shear, etc. Which makes excavators applied in a larger range, and save time, increase efficiency. We’ve been producing quick coupler for nearly 20 years, our products are of good safety, compatibility and durability.

Liteng manufactures a variety of construction equipment including wheel loaders, crawler excavators, wheel excavators, backhoe loaders, and more. Over the years, we have accumulated abundant experience in producing high-quality construction equipment the right way. Today, our heavy equipment is sold in many countries, including America, Australia, and India. Whether you need equipment for earthmoving or materials handling, let us know your requirements and we will recommend the appropriate machinery, or we can provide you with custom services. You can also tell us the models you need, and we will provide you with the superior quality construction and material handling equipment with a short-cycle manufacturing period.

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