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Machining Workshops
Our modernized, highly efficient machine workshop occupies an area of 35,000 square meters and features outstanding technological strength and a fully integrated manufacturing facility system. The factory is equipped with both production and inspection equipment, including plasma cutting machines, plate cutting machines, metal bending machines, hydraulic workshop press (1000 ton), three roll coiling machines, CO2 welding machines, lathe, millers, drillers, horizontal boring machines, shot blasting machines, 15-ton-cranes, and metal ultrasonic flaw detectors, as well as pioneering processing equipment like a Longmen Processing center, numerically controlled double-sided milling and boring machines, flame cutting machines, and more.

Materials Unloading Area
This equipment includes a cross girder, driving be, the cutting torch, the pipeline system, supporting brackets, rails, electric circuits, the control system and transporting system. The mechanism combines manual feeding and the numerically controlled CNC automating system. Beneath the dominant rail there are highly precise gear racks, with a slowing mechanism used to drive the transmission gear into motion, which ensures an automatic, consistent, X, Y-axis linkage horizontal cutting processing performance.

Numerically Controlled Milling Machines
The numerically controlled milling machines consist of a horizontally movable table with double columns and double horizontal shafts. The rotary and axial motion of the main left and right spindle and the vertical motion of the main left and right spindle box are automatic hydraulic preselected stepped variable speed with the linear motion of the table being an automatic mechanical stepped variable speed. Left and right vertical beds are placed on both sides of the main table while the left and right spindles utilize a two-layer structure. The vertical movement of spindle box, slide of the column and movement of the table all take advantage of a oil cylinder type clamp structure.There are double suspension button stations on the machine, left for the master station and right for the sub-control station. Lathes can be used in drilling, reaming, boring, tapping and other processing for pieces made from cast iron, steel and other non-ferrous metals. The demountable facing head can be used in scraping, facing, milling and other processing, and is especially suitable for coaxial hole processing due to a digital display unit.

Spay and Drying Area
Designed using advanced coating technology and process standards from around the world, this area is equipped to remove rust and other debris from the workpiece surface before polishing. After polishing, a new coat of paint will be sprayed onto the construction equipment to improve the carriage body's coating performance and aesthetic appeal. We are also outfitted with large scale coating equipment to improve the working efficiency and coating quality.

Our welding technology is advanced and has been put to the test in the field. We use a Anti-deformation method in spot welding and other welding processes. The suitable welding parameters are designed to reduce workpiece deformation after welding. A reasonable assembly-welding sequence improves the welding quality and efficiency.

Equipped with "CONSUMER" and "ADVANCE" tires, our construction equipment is widely used in numerous industrial locations, including harbors, gravel pits and lumber yards. With an outstanding cutting and puncture resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance, the tread pattern offers a strong traction, anti-slip performance, sludge removal performance, and a self-cleaning, stable performance.

CNC Machine Tools
Equipped with the high-precision OKK 1000S horizontal machining center imported from Japan and the most advanced Kenner tool imported from the United States, we produce key components of the gearbox assembly to ensure the gearbox's accuracy meets both national and international standards, as well as improve the production quality of all equipment.

Gearbox Workshop
The planetary and axis-fixed self-produced gearboxes feature a number of advantages, including a compact structure, reasonable design, flexible handling, smooth shift and reliable operation, ensuring they can be used in a wide array of engineering machinery power transmission applications that require frequent changes in load and speed. The gearbox will automatically change the output speed and torque within limits in relation to changes in the external load, allowing the engine to always work to the maximum of its ability.

Workshop Assembly Area
The drive axle uses a two-stage deceleration transmission system. The main reducer is driven by a spiral bevel gear, with a large loading capacity and a high transmission speed. A common bevel gear differential is assembled internally in order to gain a simple structure and flexible differential speed. The wheel reducer features a planetary transmission with a compact structure and a reasonable output speed, while the axle housing is made from cast steel and has an excellent rigidity. With a caliper disc brake, the retarding torque is high and braking is reliable.

Assembly Shop
The assembly process of the wheel loader includes frame hinge joint, assembly of power,transmission, work unit, attachments and electrical circuit, etc. LITENG features an industry-leading flexible assembly line, which optimizes the process line and improves assembly productivity. Our wheel loaders also feature brand name engines that utilize a 6 cylinder, 4 stroke direct injection turbocharger with intercooler in order to obtain a high coefficient power reserve, low speed and high torque, strong power and an excellent movement performance.

Accessory Inventory
LITENG owns and operates an 800 square meter warehouse for machine accessories and has also established a complete management system for inventory by setting up a strict inflow and outflow inspection system. We guarantee quick supply of a variety of accessories through a logistics system that includes water, air and land transportation methods. We always ensure to supply authentic components, as well as maintain strict supervision of all supply and usage of accessories.

LITENG has been maintaining long-term partnerships with both domestic and international professional transportation teams in order to send complete orders within the allotted amount of time to meet customer needs. Domestic transportation primarily relies on a special platform trailer, while international transportation uses containers, roll on, roll off ships and bulk freighters- all arranged according to customer requirements.

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