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Excavator Attachments

By changing attachments, the excavator can achieve different functions, such as log grabbing, breaking, drilling, etc. We’re able to by ourselves produce attachments such as bucket, breaker hammer, earth auger, etc. All products are quality tested before delivery, please contact us if you are interested.

    1. 4 In 1 Excavator Bucket
    2. 4 In 1 Excavator Bucket The 4 in 1 excavator bucket is suitable for small excavators, it’s an earth moving equipment that’s functional in loading, bulldozing, flatting and grabbing, features simple structure, flexible operation, stable performance, etc.
    1. Breaker Hammer
    2. Breaker Hammer This breaker hammer is machine loaded hydraulic hammer, achieves its function by excavator system’s power. Breaker hammer is able to quickly and effectively remove floating rocks and dirt inside rock gaps when excavating for architecture works.
    1. Earth Auger
    2. Earth Auger Earth auger can be attached on loaders and excavators, suitable for working including landscape engineering, telegraph pole hole drilling, tree planting hole drilling, etc. We provide earth augers of various diameters, lengths and types. Welcome to contact us if you need.
    1. Excavator Grab
    2. Excavator Grab Excavator grab is vastly applied, suitable for multiple works including wood, sugarcane and pipe carrying. Maximum grapple opening is 770mm, minimum grabbing diameter is 290mm, able to adjust grabbing angle, suitable for carrying logs of different diameters.
    1. Excavator Quick Coupler
    2. Excavator Quick Coupler Excavator quick coupler is able to quickly set up and switch to various attachments, such as bucket, scarifier, breaker hammer, hydraulic shear, etc. Which makes excavators applied in a larger range, and save time, increase efficiency. We’ve been producing quick coupler for nearly 20 years, our products are of good safety, compatibility and durability.

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