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LITENG is a professional engineering machinery manufacturer that provides crawler excavators, wheel excavators, electric excavators, etc. We provide modification and customization service, please contact us so that we can provide you the best option.

    1. LT08C Crawler Excavator
    2. LT08C Crawler Excavator LT08C crawler excavator is at a very small size, of only 1877*896*1990mm. It is suitable for working at small space, for example, vegetable greenhouse soil loosing, landscape engineering for public work departments, tree planting and hole digging for orchard agricultural works, concrete road surface breaking, sand and stone material mixing, etc.
    1. LT16C Crawler Excavator
    2. LT16C Crawler Excavator LT16C mini crawler excavator applies tailless rotation design, which grants customer to do rotation works randomly, enlarges the small excavator’s application range, and makes it more efficiency to work.
    1. LT20C Crawler Excavator
    2. LT20C Crawler Excavator LT20C crawler excavator’s bucket capacity is 0.045m³, maximum speed is 3.4 km/h, we’re considerate about details of this compact excavator, the controller is designed with human engineering, comfortable for long-time handling.
    1. LT80C Crawler Excavator
    2. LT80C Crawler Excavator LT80C compact crawler excavator features great comfortability just like all of our excavators. Large driver’s cabin, wide view and comfortable air-conditioner makes it a pleasure to work with the machine for operators.
    1. LT60L Wheel Excavator
    2. LT60L Wheel Excavator LT60L wheel excavator is very flexible, would be an ideal option if you need to frequently move your devices. Maximum traction force of LT60L wheel excavator is 60KN, travel speed can be up to 27KM/h.
    1. LT80L Wheel Excavator
    2. LT80L Wheel Excavator LT80L wheel excavator weighs 7.68T, maximum bucket capacity is 0.3 cbm, with optional 3.3m boom and 3.5m boom. LT80L wheel excavator is reliable with strong frame and good durability, which saves a lot of your maintenance time.
    1. LT100L Wheel Excavator
    2. LT100L Wheel Excavator LT100L wheel excavator is optimize designed for working conditions in industries and mining, performs very well in both fluency in action and comfortability in operation. Customer can choose buckets of various widths, also can change it to breaker hammer, steel gripper, etc.
    1. LTM18C 180° Wheeled Excavator
    2. LTM18C 180° Wheeled Excavator This compact excavator is flexible, of high performance, low oil consuming, good looking and vastly applied. Suitable for vegetable greenhouse soil loosing, landscape engineering for public work departments, tree planting and hole digging for orchard agricultural works, ...
    1. LTM28L 180° Wheeled Excavator
    2. LTM28L 180° Wheeled Excavator LTM28L 180° wheeled excavator equips a 0.15M3 bucket. This construction equipment is effectively labor-saving, suitable for landscape engineering for public work departments,...
    1. Electric Crawler Excavator
    2. Electric Crawler Excavator Compared with traditional diesel engine, electric engine is energy-saving, quiet, no waste gas emission, high efficiency. Electric crawler excavator saves nearly half of operation cost compared with diesel engine crawler, and is eco-friendly. It’s able to easily start-up in low temperature and work in high altitude areas.

All our excavators have the details listed in the link pages. We can accept your order if you find the excavator with the right digging bucket capacity, operating weight, and motor power. Our company has over a decade of experience in the production of earthmoving equipment and we can provide custom excavators according to your specifications.

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