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40 Ton Stone Block Handler

Rated Power 251kw
Overall dimension
Overall length 10200mm
Overall width 3520mm
Overall height 3880mm
Performance parameters of entire stone block handler
Operating weight 46.7T
Max.load in Max.lifting height 40T / 3180mm
Rated load 40T / 3180mm
Turning angle 32°
Turning radius 10050mm
Wheel base 4425mm
Tread 2650mm
Min.ground clearance 450mm
Haul location height ≤300mm
Climbing gradient 20°
Fuel tank capacity 420L
Hydraulic fuel tank capacity 380L
Dimensions of fork
L x W x H 1800 x 400 x 100 mm
Distance of fork ≤1820mm
Specification of tire
Tire type 29.5-29-40PR

The whole stone block handler

Equipped with a professional air conditioner, a single handle pilot control system and an electronic control gearbox, operation convenience is guaranteed. The stability of the entire stone block handler is improved due to the use of a separate drive oil and hydraulic oil cooling system.

This stone block handler is also equipped with a high grade diesel engine with an intercooling system. This engine’s power is rated at 251kW, and features a high efficiency, low noise and design that has earned us several patents.

The drive axle
The drive axle is specially designed for large stone block handler. The drive system, consisting of high strength enlarged bearings, gears, hubs and support shafts, is both reliable and able to bear heavy loads. The braking performance is guaranteed with the installation of 6 sets of braking calipers on each shaft and the use of braking materials designed specifically for heavy trucks.

The high pressure oil pipelines
High strength and durable Parker tubes are the tubes used for high pressure position, due to their increased reliability and durability over other tube types

The frame
The front and rear frames are made of specially designed and thickened steel plates. Enlarged hinge pins and hinge seats significantly improves the loading capacity and torsion resisting performance of the frames. The whole machine weighs 46000 kg and is 3520 mm wide, which effectively improves the lateral stability. The use of a double swing arms also solves any collision problems between lifted stones and swing arms, while simultaneously giving the machine operator a wide view.

The transmission and the torque converter
The fixed shaft type electronic control gearshift transmission system is compact and features gears with a long service life, which effectively improves overall flexibility, especially in harsh working conditions, such as a quarry.

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