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23 Ton Stone Block Handler

The LT23T 23 Ton stone block handler has a compact structure and a small turning radius. It is equipped with high pressure wearable engineering tires, a high strength, heavy drive axle, and a self-developed gearbox. Combined, each of these components add to the overall working safety and reliability of the forklift loader.

The 23 Ton stone block handler is equipped with a coaxial flow amplifiying steering unit and priority valves and unloading valves consisting of dual-pump flow converging and branching steering hydraulic system. Through optimization of the hydraulic pipes, pressure loss of the pipeline is significantly reduced, which ensures a great energy saving performance. This product also features an advanced structure, which has earned us two utility model patents.

Rated power 175kw
Overall dimensions
Overall length 8600mm
Overall width 3150mm
Overall height 3780mm
Dumping height 3240mm
Specification of tires 26.5-25
Wheel base 3550mm
Tire width 2300mm
Performance parameters of entire machine
Operating weight 23000KGS
Rated loading capacity 23000KGS
Dimensions of fork 1500x280x120mm
Distance of fork ≤740mm
Max. Climbing Gradient 28°
Max. Breakout Force 331KN
Max. Torque 920N.m
Rated speed 2200r/min
Total cycling time ≤6.8s
Hydraulic cycling time ≤12.55s
Travel speed
Forward gear Ⅰ 0-11.5km/h
Forward gear Ⅱ 0-386km/h
Reverse gear Ⅰ 0-16km/h

1. The LT23T stone block handler is driven by four wheels and features a flexible steering drive capability.
2. This product is applicable for various complex working conditions due to an increased ground clearance.
3. A unique counterbalance design improves the climbing capability of the construction equipment.
4. The engine has a high power rating, which means the large breakout and lifting force is guaranteed through the optimization of working devices. The lifting capacity reaches up to 23,000kg.
5. In order to bear such a large loading capacity, key components of the stone block handler are specially designed.
6. 26.5-25-28pr high strength wearable tires feature a strong loading capacity and adaptability to harsh working conditions.
7. The use of hydraulic oil coolers ensures the hydraulic system retains a good heat balance.
8. A strong power and low consumption Weichai WD615 turbocharged engine is used.

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