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18 Ton Stone Block Handler

The LT18T 18 Ton stone block handler is a four wheel loader with a powerful traction. This forklift loader is applicable to a variety of complex working conditions due to the increased ground clearance, as well as the unique counterbalance design that allows it to easily climb awkward and large angle slopes.

Rated power 162kw
Overall dimensions
Overall length 8300mm
Overall width 2915mm
Overall height 3300mm
Dumping height 3400mm
Max. lifting height 3660mm
Specification of tires 23.5-25-24PR
Wheel base 3550mm
Tire width 2300mm
Performance parameters of Forklift Loader
Operating weight 20000KGS
Rated loading capacity 18000KGS
Dimension of fork 2000x200x100mm
Distance of fork ≤1500mm
Safety guard 1770mm
Height of Cabin 1680mm
Turning angle ±35°
Turing radius 7250mm
Min. Ground Clearance 570mm
Distance of rear axle to the link points 2300mm
Rear overhang length 2200mm
Unloading angle 28°
Haul location(cardinal axis height 400mm) 30°
Max hoisting(cardinal axis height 3660mm) 43°
Turning radius when fork at haul location 6470mm
Fuel tank capacity 220L
Hydraulic fuel tank capacity 200L
Travel speed
Forward gear Ⅰ 0-11.5km/h
Forward gear Ⅱ 0-36km/h
Reverse gear Ⅰ 0-16km/h

1. Equipped with a reinforced front frame and working devices, this stone block handler has a high loading capacity.
2. The lifting capacity of this stone bolock handler has been improved using an optimized design for working units.
3. The forklift equipment features the highest stability possible using a targeted design for key structural parts.
4. Equipped with high strength drive axle designed specifically for stone block handlers, this machine features a high loading capacity and outstanding reliability.
5. The use of a Weichai WD10G220E21 low speed diesel engine, paired with an efficient power system reduces the overall fuel consumption of the forklift loader. Compared to ordinary diesel engines, the Weichai WD10G220E21 low speed diesel engine saves up to 10% more fuel, and effectively avoids engine starting difficulties often found in low temperature environments by using special fuel devices.
6. The wheelbase of the LT18T stone block handler is up to 3550mm long. The high strength frame is responsible for maintaining the running stability, and simplifies the stone loading and transportation process.
7. The LT18T stone block handler can easily pry and move stones, reducing the need for manual labor intensity.
8. The product is equipped with double swing arms and reverse six-bar linkage, giving the driver a clear, wide view.
9. In order to reduce vibration and noise during operation, the LT18T stone block handler is equipped with frame suspension system engine brackets, which significantly improves the driving comfort.
10. The newly developed hydraulic steel pipes and rubber tubes feature an outstanding reliability.
11. The turbine gearbox is composed of four components and is adaptable for heavy loads.
12. The double pipeline caliper disc brake system is safe and reliable, and is composed of brake components supplied from top Chinese companies.
13. In order to adapt to harsh working conditions, the forklift loader is equipped with 23.5-25 24PR high strength wearable tires.

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