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Wheel Loader

Wheel loaders are highly versatile pieces of earthmoving equipment utilized by all sorts of industries. You will find wheel loaders at construction sites, ports, farms, and many other places due to their compact size, mechanical performance, and convenient operation.

We provide front end loaders with various load capacities as follows. Whether you are in need of a compact loader or heavy duty wheel loaders, we have the ability to customize the equipment according to your specifications. 

    1. 3000Kg Wheel Loader
    2. 3000Kg Wheel Loader LITENG's LT932 3000kg wheel loader is a short wheel based, heightened dumping height machine designed using ZL30 international standards. The wheel loader is equipped with a DEUTZ supercharged diesel engine in order to achieve a high power and a high torque backup.
    1. LT953 5000kg Wheel Loader
    2. LT953 5000kg Wheel Loader This wheel loader is equipped with a Weichai supercharged diesel to achieve a strong power, high torque backup, high working efficiency, excellent engine cold-start performance and high reliability. Not only this, but the fuel consumption is reduced by 8 to 12%.
    1. LT956 5000kg Wheel Loader
    2. LT956 5000kg Wheel Loader LITENG's LT956 5000kg wheel loader is a medium wheelbase and single swing arm machine that features a small turning radius, high working efficiency and flexibility designed according to international ZL 50F standards.
    1. LT958 5000kg Wheel Loader
    2. LT958 5000kg Wheel Loader The LITENG LT958 5000kg single cylinder long wheelbase wheel loader is designed based on ZL 50F international standards, ensuring the energy saving, reliable and comfortable performance. This wheel loader is applicable for heavy working conditions, such as mines, aided by the comprehensive performance, stability and large diffing force.
    1. 6000kg Wheel Loader
    2. 6000kg Wheel Loader The long wheelbase on LITENG wheel loaders has improved upon both traction and stability. With an optimized power system and automatic lifter, the lifting capacity, digging force and working efficiency have all been significantly improved.

LITENG is an engineering machinery corporation that specializes in the production of wheel loaders for use in a variety of industrial locations, including harbors, construction sites, gravel pits, and lumber yards. We offer a number of types to choose from, including double or single cylinder types, and different bearing capacity levels.

We have engaged in manufacturing engineering loaders for decades, offering different loading capacities of wheel loaders to meet various worksites need, as long time manufacturing construct engineering equipment manufacturer, we have already accumulated lots of experience of how to make the high quality wheeler, forktruck, and other engineering equipment such as mining equipment, container unloading machinery, we are a Chinese trustworthy engineering machines and equipment maker, since we have offered so many equipment to the global market for many years. We have offered various wheel loaders with load capacity from 3000kg to 6000kg, custom service is also available, please tell us your needs about bucket size and bucket load capacity, as well as engine and gearbox configurations, our company will provide custom wheeled loading machines in specific needs.

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