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6000kg Wheel Loader

The long wheelbase on LITENG wheel loaders has improved upon both traction and stability. With an optimized power system and automatic lifter, the lifting capacity, digging force and working efficiency have all been significantly improved. The maximum dumping height is up to 3.55m which meets most discharge requirements. Due to the wear resistant and impact resistance of the 4 cubic meter bucket, costs have been significantly reduced. Equipped with a reinforced front and rear frame, the overload capacity and torsion factor have also been improved. Additionally, the driver has a clear view during operation due to the spacious, comfortable cab space.

Rated power 178kw
Overall dimensions
Overall length 8385mm
Overall width 3074mm
Overall height 3400mm
Dumping height 3200mm
Dumping reach 1270mm
Specification of tires 26.5-25
Wheel base 3350mm
Tire width 2250mm
Performance parameters of entire machine
Operating weight ≤ 19000KGS
Bucket capacity 3.5m3
Rated loading capacity 6000KGS
Max. Climbing Gradient 30o
Rated output/speed 178KW/2200r/min
Engine model WP10G240E341
Lifting time ≤ 6s
Total cylinder time ≤ 11s
Travel speed
Forward gear Ⅰ 11km/h
Forward gear Ⅱ 38km/h
Reverse gear Ⅰ 16km/h
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