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LT956 5000kg Wheel Loader

LITENG's LT956 5000kg wheel loader is a medium wheelbase and single swing arm machine that features a small turning radius, high working efficiency and flexibility designed according to international ZL 50F standards. The 3100mm medium wheelbase features medium wheelbase between a short and long wheelbase in order to achieve a better comprehensive performance that is not only highly efficient, but allows for a large loading capacity. The wheel loader is equipped with a Weichai supercharged diesel engine that features a strong power, high torque backup, high working efficiency, excellent engine cold-start performance and high reliability. Not only that, but the fuel consumption is reduced by 8 to 12%. The transmission ratio has also been optimized in order to ensure a reliable match, high output torque, strong traction and a high efficiency.

The LITENG LT956 5000kg wheel loader is applicable to various industrial locations including municipal construction sites, earthwork sites, gravel pits and coal mines.

1. A single swing arm Z type connecting rod working device with great digging force and high working efficiency, 3 cubic meter enlarged bucket with trapezoidal wear-resistant steel main blade and thickened bottom blade for a small insertion resistance and high wear resistance
2. The 3100mm medium wheelbase absorbs the different advantages of a short and long wheelbase in order to achieve a better comprehensive performance in both efficiency and loading capacity.
3. Our wheel loader is also equipped with a high intensity quartering hammer in order to achieve multiple functions.

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