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3000Kg Wheel Loader

LITENG's LT932 3000kg wheel loader is a short wheel based, heightened dumping height machine designed using ZL30 international standards. The wheel loader is equipped with a DEUTZ supercharged diesel engine in order to achieve a high power and a high torque backup. It is also equipped with a dual pump converging hydraulic system in order to achieve a highly efficient utilization of engine power, low fuel consumption, excellent cold-start engine performance and a high reliability. This wheel loader also features a short turning radius, a great digging force and a great lifting capacity, ensuring a flexible operation and high work efficiency.

The LITENG LT932 3000kg wheel loader is applicable to various industrial locations including harbors, construction sites, gravel pits, and lumber yards.

Parameter items Parameters
Operating weight 10400kgs
Bucket capacity 2.0m3
Rated load 3000kg
Maximum digging force and lifting capacity ≥98kN
Maximum dumping height 3200mm
Dumping distance 1020 mm
Length×Width×Height 7200×2360×3220mm
Max traction force ≥100kN
Total time ≤9.2s
Steering angle 35°
Tipping load ≥66kN
Engine power 92Kw

1. 2 cubic meter high-intensity bucket
2. Soundproof, heat-insulated, shock absorbing and pressurized cab, with a spacious horizon, a comfortable seat and flexible operation
3. The full hydraulic steering system is not only easy to operate, but it also improves the working efficiency.
4. A lengthened arm to increase dumping height.
5. A short steering radius provides operational flexibility, making the wheel loader applicable to small job sites.

Optional attachments:
Cummins engines
Air conditioner
Piloted operating system
Pallet fork
Bucket for hay (bale spear)
Snowplow attachment
Side-dumping bucket
Quick change mechanism
Quartering hammer

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